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Our history

The Business Case Challenge has been taking place since 2020 and is organized by the Institute for International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In cooperation with many different partners and sponsors, the BCC challenges high school and university students to analyze and solve real problems in the form of a business case. Despite being a non-profit event, the BCC is growing every year with more exciting partners and trials!

Business Case Challenge 2022

The Business Case Challenge is organized by the Vienna University of Economics and Business with the support of the eXplore! initiative. The topic was sustainability and circular economy.


Business Case Challenge 2021

Die Business Case Challenge 2021 bot einen Beginner-Case mit dem Thema "Next Normal" und einen Advanced Case in Kooperation mit Montana Aerospace einen Business Plan im Luftfahrtbereich.

WU BCC_2021.jpg

Business Case Challenge 2020

The 2020 Business Case Challenge took place in cooperation with VARTA. In the Advanced Case, participants had the opportunity to develop a use-case for nano-batteries. The Beginner Cased focused on business cases specifically relevant in the Covid pandemic that had just started briefly before the beginning of the challenge.

Varta adjusted_edited.jpg


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