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Here you can find all the information you need to create a business plan. These are short videos developed at the Vienna University of Economics and Business which are also used in university teaching. Of course, you can - and should - use other sources outside of this assortment. You can also find other helpful resources at the bottom of the page .

2022 - How to Write a Business Case
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How to write a case

The circular economy

The 2022 Business Case Challenge is dedicated to sustainable and circular business models. We are pleased to have Ed Weenk, an internationally renowned expert in the fields of sustainability and the circular economy, on board as an academic cooperation partner. Ed Weenk combines academic principles and practical application in his publications. For this year's Business Case Challenge, Ed Weenk will provide several tutorials [links on website] as well as non-cash prizes in the form of his book „MASTERING THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY“.