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Why should I participate?

The Business Case Challenge gives you and your friends the opportunity to:

  • Facilitate sustainable change

  • Collaborate on a project

  • Present yourself and your skills to Austrian companies

  • Apply your knowledge, turning theory into practice

  • And last but not least, get a chance to win attractive prizes (cash, non-cash, internships, books)

Take part! Make a difference!

Overview of prizes:
Cash prizes up to
Certificate of Participation for all submissions
Internships at partner companies
Specialized literature on the sustainable economy

What is the Business Case Challenge?

The Business Case Challenge is hosted by the Vienna University for Economics and Business and the eXplore! initiative. It offers high school and university students from all fields the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience based on real world cases. It aims to encourage sustainable and economic thinking from early on. The Business Case Challenge was hosted two times already (2020 and 2021) and focuses on the topics of sustainability and circular economy in the 2022 edition. Depending on previous experience, participants can choose between two difficulty levels of the case:

The Beginner Case is open to all innovative business ideas related the topic of sustainability and it is sponsored by a wide array of prominent Austrian companies.

The Advanced Case in collaboration with the company Aluflexpack requires a deeper level of analysis and its aim is to develop sustainable business models for the packaging industry.

Outstanding participants can win not only attractive cash and non-cash prizes but also internships in the sponsoring companies.

How can I participate?

Every successful business idea needs to be executed. And successful execution starts with a business plan. You can join the Business Case Challenge on your own or in a team. On our Website, you can find Study Materials (videos, tutorials, business cases and slides) that were prepared for you under Study Materials. These materials can help you create your business plan.

As a first step, you should look into the task and guidelines of the Business Case Challenge carefully. The Beginner Case is open to all sustainable ideas and requires little subject matter expertise and analytical depth. The Advanced Case targets  more experienced junior entrepreneurs and is focused on a specific industry. In 2022, the Advanced Case is sponsored by Aluflexpack, who is looking for your innovative ideas in the packaging industry.

The first step towards a business plan is outlined in the video tutorial “How to write a Business Case”. This video is supplemented with a series of in-depth tutorials. Furthermore, we provide an Example case (BWIN AG).

To submit your business case, you do not need any specialized education but only an idea and the courage and enthusiasm to engage in a detailed analysis and the careful elaboration of your idea.

The submission deadline for your business case proposal is:

May 1st, 2022 at 23:59

As a PDF to

Which case is the right one for me?

The answer to this question depends on your ideas and your previous experience.


Submissions for the Advanced Case should relate to sustainability ideas in the packaging industry. The Beginner Case is open to submissions of any kind of ecological or social sustainable business idea.

For the Advanced Case, not only the quality of the idea is important, but also the focus on the depth and detail of the analysis and the quality of its presentation. Therefore, the Advanced Case is better suited for students (also in high school) with previous experience in dealing with the subject matter.

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