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Beginner Case: Bild
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Beginner Business Case
The starting point

As a small country, Austria can play a limited role in the global effort towards a sustainable economy via the reduction of resources consumed by individuals. But innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable business models provide an opportunity to create an outsized impact on advancing global sustainability, transcending the individual and the limits of a single country. 

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Beginner Business Case

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Your Task
(more details provided in the case materials) 

For the Beginner Case, you can submit your sustainable business idea for any industry. Your idea should be able to generate social, ecological and economical value (triple bottom line).


Your task is to convince the jury of your idea by providing an evidence-based business model.


Your business model should be submitted in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (incl. 9 content slides and a cover page). It can be submitted in either German or English. The quality of the innovation and the analysis are key elements in the evaluation of Beginner Case submissions.

Conditions of participation

Participation in the Beginner Case is open to all students. This includes especially high school students, university students of all fields including universities of applied sciences, and people in military and alternative civil service. If you are uncertain whether you qualify, get in touch!

Participants may work alone or in teams of up to 3 people.


Please submit your business model in a PDF format

by e-mail to

before May 1st, 2022 at 23:59. 

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